High temperature furnaces need sophisticated and highly reliable temperature control, especially if they are used for processes lasting several months (e. g. production of crystals or hi tech glass and ceramics).


  The control system MODCON may be used to control several (up to 30) different heat zones of a furnace. The complete system may be operated and supervised in a user friendly way using the Process Visualization software MODVIS.
For smaller applications the controller PR2 is available as a 2 zone temperature controller in a DIN 96x96 housing.
The modular power controllers MPC20 and MPC32 may be used to control the heat current in applications where high precision is required, or where high temperature heaters must be started up cautiously.


Application requirements:

Our solutions:

Production proof systems

Easy, clear and automatic operation

Long process times (months for crystal growth)

Very high reliability

Specific furnaces for special customers

High flexibility of the configuration recipes